The Libra white paper notes that securing financial assets on a mobile wallet should be simple and intuitive, and that the transfer of money worldwide is as easy and cost-effective as sending a text message or sharing a photo. It is also stated that costs will be reduced and frictionless / invisible payments will be provided.

To create an inclusive financial system, Libra provides the following details:

  • Built on a secure, scalable and reliable Blockchain,
  • Supported by asset reserve,
  • It is managed by the independent Libra Association, which is responsible for developing the ecosystem.

Libra Coin

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Facebook Libra Mining

The crypto currency Libra is built on the Libra Blockchain and is completely open source. This way, anyone can build something on Libra Blockchain.

The currency is called the Libra. Libra is a stablecoin fully backed by real asset reserves.

What is Libra Mining?

You can do libra mining here for free very soon. is the official facebook mining page.